Performance Management: Help motivate or to frustrate people?


Usually companies apply performance management tools based on subjective indicators, or they use ambiguous scales for measurement (e.g. “lower than expected”; “meets expected”, “good”; “outstanding”). With this, the objectivity is lost, because there is not an unique meaning for words like “good” or “excellent”. This is relevant because objectivity and credibility are important requirements for a performance management system.

The workers avoid to attend the performance interview, as they perceive that it does not add value, and they feel that it is a stressful situation, negative to their work environment and engagement. As a result, the leaders of the organization show reluctant to apply performance evaluation.

How can we avoid falling into this situation?

Unfortunately there is no single recipe or solution to this problem, since this is a result of several factors; which will be identified in order of importance:

  1. Lack off an organizational measure culture.
  2. Ambiguous mission statements or without objectives
  3. Supervisors not assuming their coach role.

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