Performance Appraisal Interview


The communication to the subordinate about the results of the assessment  is a fundamental milestone in the performance management system. Performance appraisal is useless if the greater interested – the employee – not get to know it. It is necessary to let employee knows  what  information is relevant and meaningful about his or her performance, so that they may attain the fullness of objectives. This communication is set during the interview of feedback performance evaluation.


1. Give the subordinated the necessary conditions to improve their work through a clear and unambiguous communication about performance standard. The interview provides the subordinate the opportunity not only to learn and know what the boss expects him in terms of quality, quantity and working methods, but also to understand the goals of the organization. These are the rules of the game, which can only be played well when players understand them.
2. Give the subordinate a clear idea about how is he or she performing at work (feedback), highlighting their strengths and weaknesses and comparing them with expected performance standards. Often the employee believes subjectively that is doing well, and can develop a wrong idea about their expected performance. He or she needs to know what the boss thinks about his or her work to adjust and adapt their performance to expected standards.
3. Both – employee and supervisor – must clarify measures and plans, to develop and make better use of subordinate skills, the employee needs to understand how it could improve its performance and actively participate in the measures taken to enable such improvement.
4. Stimulate stronger personal relationships between the supervisor and subordinates, in which both are able to frankly talk about the work: how the relationship is developing and how can it be improved and increased.
5. Eliminate or reduce discrepancies, anxieties, tensions and uncertainties that arise when individuals do not have well oriented  work advice.


The supervisor must have the ability to present the facts and get that subordinate, to the end of the interview, has assumed the determination to overcome and adjust its performance to the level required by its position, and is aware of the positive and negative aspects of performance. Largely depends on the success of an interview of evaluation of the well that is be prepared, so that the supervisor should know beforehand what he will say to the subordinate and how to say it.


Author: plataforma de recursos humanos

Ingeniero Comercial de la Universidad Católica, Master en Administración de Empresas de Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. Consultor con experiencia gerencial en el área de administración estratégica de recursos humanos, en ejecución de consultoría de gestión, planificación estratégica.

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